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All served in Pitta Bread with your choice of Fresh Salad & Sauce. Add Nan Bread for just £1.30 extra. Add separate rice for £1.50.

Doner Kebab

Sliced layers of minced Lamb, mixed with special herbs and cooked on a spit. Choose medium or large.
From: £5.40

Chicken Doner Kebab

Sliced chicken in a special marinade, cooked on a spit. Choose medium or large.
From: £5.40

Chicken Shish Kebab

Marinated cubes of chicken chargrilled. Choose medium or large.
From: £4.90

Lamb Shish Kebab

Lean cubes of lamb, marinated in oil and tomato pastry, then chargrilled.

Kofte Kebab

Specially prepared minced lamb, chopped onion, green peppers and a variety of spices, then chargrilled.

Chicken Special Grill

Marinated cubes of chicken with green pepper, mushroom & onion.

Charcoal Special Grill

Selection of doner, shish & kofta kebab, chicken shish chargrilled, pepper, mushroomand onion.

Maltby Special Grill

Lamb shish, chicken shish grilled with green pepper, onion and mushroom.

Mixed Kebab

A mix of doner, lamb, shish, kofta and chicken shish chargrilled.